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tv   [untitled]    January 25, 2015 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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person asking me to come for job training i jumbled at the chance and never looked back i thought that said probation officer be easy to get a job i had a decree he learned sometimes you need help you vufrnl found a job at the center for health wellness i know it takes a village it is why i'm so grateful to work for such a compassionate organizations and love going to work everyday some people say san francisco is the land of plenty they give jobs to the joblessly and home to the homeless and food to the folks it is where you can get a good education you've got to put
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your best foot forward that's where a i had to do mayor ed lee is an inspiration to many people making sure we have strong schools and neighborhood and making sure that san francisco is a city where we can outline call home as a mom education is at the top which my list i want to mayor to focus on i time thankful the school district is his work so my kids got a get a great education here i've heard that mayor ed lee is focused on houses (laughter) that's something i know something about because the mayor's office of housing i was able to get an affordable apartment for my family in san francisco close to the neighborhood i grew up being able to say in the city is the
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world to me i'm looking forward to raising my children here in my oppose community because of san francisco's investment in mayor edwin lee me and the support of my famed and friends and neighboring neighbors i stand here today proud successful mother of four standing here to introduce our mayor it truly takes a village i'm proud to introduce mayor ed lee who is making sure all of our residents success by providing the educational opportunity and the housing opportunity and so much more for not only my family but all of our san francisco families in and out now without further ado the head of our vinyl we call san francisco please welcome mayor ed lee
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(clapping). >> thank you thank you good morning good morning and thank you nicole how about another hand for nicole banks (clapping) nicole i'm so grateful for that introduction and proud of you and our city your story echoes what we're talking about this morning so many of the themes i'm about to discuss and your
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own journeys an inspiration to all of us thank you very much. >> i'm so honored to have 2 of my predecessors two tremendous leader for the state gavin newsom and mayor willie brown. >> gainful and willy thank you firing leadership and friendship and council meeting and support all those years so much of our city's success is built upon the foundation you've create thank you for joining us this morning and special greetings to our new board president london breed (clapping.) and to supervisor malia cowen who's district we're in this morning thank you supervisor
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and, of course, (clapping) greetings to the honorable members of the board of supervisors elected officials as well as to the many city commissioners and department heads and honored guests. >> you know i know it's early to is a big thanks to the carter and finally a very special thanks is to the wholesale produce market more welcoming us to this new facility that will soon be a hub for local jobs and great local produce would incoming folks and companies we know the importance of bringing fresh healthy food to our neighborhoods thank you, supervisor malia cohen and supervisor eric mar who's been working on those issues for years and look i've got
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vegetation and fruit right next to me well, my fell san franciscans a year ago we gathered not twho too far from here at hoichd to celebrate the construction of new homes for our families in the city i set forth an ambition vision that had a phone call on jeebz responsibility that led us out of the great depression this double digit inflation and end also red ink we've set forth a course facing our city directly and from every angle on income and equality and education and transportation and most importantly housing pursue in
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2014 working with you members of the board of supervisors and the entire community of our city i'm very proud of the progress we've made on that path together so to you and the voters of san francisco i say thank you let me start with minimum wage some of you know i grew up washing dishes in my fathsdz restaurant i know how families struggle in november we passed proposition j on this national working or workers today san franciscans will be getting a raise to $15 an hour by 2015 the highest in the america and mark my words the rest of the nation
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will now follow our leads supervisor jane kim thank you to mike casey and our neighborhoods thank you all and to the nonprofit and busy community for passing prop j thank you we also passed prop a to invest in our roads and bikes lanes and safety and public transit thank you supervisor tang and supervisor scott wiener for your leadership for the improvement off our roads and transportation systems on education we took unpredicted steps to secure and investments in our san franciscans families and children we passed prop c and public educations enrichment fund thank you supervisor jane
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kim, supervisor yee and supervisor avalos and constituting stating and hydra mendosa-mcdonnell as well as a coalition of organizations that carried us to overwhelming support and on a nonpriority for our city is the housing we overwhelmingly passed prop k and to rehab thirty house homes by 20 thirty a third below market rate and half affordable to our city's struggling middle-class and in one year we've already made measurable and dramatic progress tale of two cities those goals rehabilitating homes in san francisco friends that's double the hourlg in 2013 it's
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triple in 2012 and we'll do even better in the coming year. >> and we took bold steps to protect those we funded $13.2 million in this year's budget to help tenants fight eviction because of the fonts effort would the board and tenant organizations ellis act petitions in san francisco were down 58 percent last year (clapping) but we've got more to do friends and together we're starting to make progress on housing and as long as i'm mayor we'll never take our eye off the beautiful when it comes to creating jobs and health care technology, food services and local manufacturing those are created
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at the wholesale produce market are up on the street in the viewing development of pier 70 34 years ago the need to kickoff the economy was very urgent we had a crisis in joblessness unemployment is down from the four-.4 percent when i took office and in san francisco did you know that we created 76 thousand 4 hundred jobs since 2011 the top performing city in the nation for job growth (clapping) well, you see there is no greater income gap telethon the one between those that have a job and those that don't i'm
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very proud as a result of our policies people in san francisco are working again economic opportunity is back and we've given people a packing pay choke for this families ladies and gentlemen, thanks to you can thanks to the people of the great city the city state our state of the city is strongest and getting stronger. (clapping.) it is is a unique moment in our history the city is busing with energy and pride not just because the warriors have the best record in the nabbing or the giant or world champions again and again and again (clapping)
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you know the ideas that conceived no incubator that microbe to the bayview from south of market to central market has spurred economic prosperity in our city our neighborhoods bustle again with young families and thriving small businesses our skylines 2r06r78d with the commercial towers 5 new hospitals under construction today soon to be joined by the central subway and chanted moscone center for the golden gate warriors a wastewater treatment plant and new neighborhood along the central waterfront that employees thousands of construction workers well, thank you to the hard working men and women to the construction trades the laborers and operating
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engineers and entertainment and electrical workers all the trade for rebuilding our city thank you (clapping) my friends those are times to be proud of our city and people those are it is time to approach our future with confidence and optimistic we must acknowledging twovp too many of our resident have not shareholders in the growing success of our city good many families and resident i understand the times of prosperity are times of anxiety they're worried about affording to stay here they are worried the children's ability to raise a family about the character of the san francisco friends this
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is san francisco and as long as i'm mayor we won't leave anyone behind (clapping) turning that anxiety into optimistic and turning that despair into hope that's in my job that's why i get up everyday and go to work as your mayor, i pledge this year i'll work night and day to make sure prosperity benefits all and to make sure that san francisco remains a city where everyone belongs (clapping) and i ask you to join me today, i cigarette a course the pathway that builds on a strong economy and pursuance that led us to the pathway that
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conditions to address notly with the resources our housing and affordability crisis i'm directing my affirmation administration to my new affordability directives to focus our efforts for the challenges head on in a matter of moments the affordability directives will be on my published go the sf mayor dot shared prosperity that outlines how i'll tackle those issues folks this is my work plan the values and priorities are why i entered public service in the paratransit advocating for immigrants and right in chinatown for those visibility drivers we can together insure that san francisco remains a
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city where everyone belongs housing, education transportation women's empowerment, fighting poverty so let's start with the ms. pressing and the most important that's housing pursue we may be setting records for our new housing construction we must still work to stabilize people in their homes and neighborhood and prevent displacement because of speculative eviction we'll have the eviction supporting and help tenant to buy their own rent control buildings we all knows hoerment is out of reach for two many san francisco's starting this year and over 10 years we'll increase by
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$100 million the down assistance program hellen thousand five hundred hundred families buy a first home or the employee pension system votes on that thank you supervisor cohen and to the retirement board as well (clapping) and my top state protective priority once again to partner with senator leno and now senator david chiu to reform the ellis act and end the speak latter eviction in our city (clapping) you know in 2012, we worked together to put forth the housing trust fund $1.3 billion for new affordable housing that
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was then unpredicted i thank the largest coalition but we need to do more to help our middle-income and folks that are trapped in housing let's come together on no november ballet and put together a general bond measures for working families without raising property tax in our city (clapping.) but i mean government can't solve the housing problem so this year i will propose a new investment fund let's call it an accelerate fund for housing that attracts private and philanthropic dollars for
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affordable housing and rebuild of our public housing sites alongside the bond and other matching fund after decades of under this and neglect on housing we made good process in 2014 but there's much more to do i look forward to working with the supervisors with the entire spectrum 6 advocates and leaders to succeed those housing priorities this year i also want to insure families stay in san francisco and they need more than housing they need high quality education for their children we need to continue to invest in education that's my second directive thanks for the hard work and the voters on prop c this year we'll
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invest to help 4 years old get preschool (clapping) members of the board of supervisors supreme court members of the board of education let's do this together to clear the wait list and add more slots for more than 4 hundred families this will allow san francisco to finally say we do have universal preschool for all 4 years old the best in the nation (clapping.) but let's not stop there let's work together to create universal summer programming and universal off-street for you'll our kindergartener students regardless of income their better for kids and better for
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parent. >> (laughter) what's also why we figure out so hard to save city college (clapping.) an effort 23 resulted in yesterday's excellent news that will stay on for two years awhile i work with the board of trustees thank you senator leno and chance colors and thank you city attorney dennis herrera thank you (clapping.) transportation is my third derivative and because of the passes in the last year $500 million transportation bopped we'll make the streets
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safer for bicyclists and pedestrians it will accelerate our commitment to vision zero to eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries whether you walk or drive or ride the bus in addition to the bond market weight of the evidence weight keep working to make muni more reliable early this week i announced 40 new light rail rails increasing or increasing the fleet the most in our city's history (clapping) and finally a transportation system that's more reliable must be maintained affordable last year thanks to google and the metropolitan commission we funded free muni for low income
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people in our city for 2 years next week i call upon our metropolitan and transportation authority to expand free muni to protecting seniors and people with disabilities (clapping.) and today i'll also call on the private sector to step up to fund this for our city city's most vushlg low income resident any fourth affordability derivative aims to insure that women get the opportunity but are two overtime denied this is personal i've had strongest and successful women around we me any whole life my mom and sisters and wife and daughters remind me everyday i have a personal responsibility to keep
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san francisco at the forefront of gender equality and quit. >> san francisco has elected inspiring mentors to me like senator dianne feinstein and boxing and attorney general and state controller betty yee and others locally we have strong women role molds president london breed breed and supervisor jane kim's and supervisor tang and supervisor cowen and newest supervisor julie christensen in district 3 (clapping) and our nuttiest partner from just across the bay oakland
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mayor libby shaft (clapping) libby thank you for taking the time to join us this morning i look forward to working with you the entire bay area and now for the first time ever a female editor and chief in san francisco chronicle audrey cooper (clapping) well if we're going to meet the challenges of female equality we need workplace policies that reinforce women in san francisco we've made great progress half of the city's workforce are women and they equal the men outstanding women in our major city departments like our fire chief and public directing
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director we must do better in areas like information technology public safety and skilled crafts great jobs with great salaries but which are not followed as women's careers well this year my administration will identify and eliminate boyer's for women in city jobs with good salaries a public sector must lead the way (clapping) and today, i call upon our city's private companies to do the same especially our technology sector where gender parity and diversity are lacking prouvend san francisco pleads the nation on family friendly policies with guaranteed paid
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leave and health insurance and retirement benefits to working parents in 2014 i signed president chiu legislation to request family friendly work arrangements women shouldn't have to choose between a great career and family (clapping) and when they go home no woman should live in fear of violence as a mayor i've been standing against domestic violence and human tragically wherever it occurs no more not a mass (clapping) our district attorney george gascon has done a great job so
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thank you george gascon and whether at work or hope we can do more to maintain our leadership on policies for women so this year with mayor shaft we convene a bay area women empowerment to propose legislation as well as public and private nichsz to improve economic initiative in our city and regional as a perfect example i know that supervisor president tang is leading a conversation of stem education for youngest girls in san francisco i look forward to supporting her effort and hope you'll join me in the summit my fifth and final derivative for this year is the work i've been working on any entire adult life breaking the crippling corner that traps two many of our
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people in poverty let me be the first to say despite helping thousands of people in the support of housing and services those past 4 years it's shameful how many people still sleep on the interstates streets we have to do more and better and just this week we announced we're opening the housing authority wait list to provide housing for numbers of families last year, we finally passed the lourz lawn thank you supervisor farrell for your wonderful leadership on this (clapping.) now this year in addition to implementing laura's law for the mental illness we drug i bring a step up with 5 hundred new affordable housing unit and focus on medication for those


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